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Proud of being a hole for MEN to use

Weighed down by a hefty PA, boss's big dong slowly unsheathed itself as it hardened and hung way low below his smelly ripe crotch.   

"GO ON NOW.  SLOBBER ON THAT BIG MAN DONG." his voice bellowed, cocky, alpha, confident, carefree, and fuckin' in charge.

Perfection...captured on video, imagine that!  

Lil' bro was surrounded by the scent of his athletic big bro who only bothered to take off his pants, leaving his sweat-stained wife beater and ball cap.  His thick, meaty dong banged into little bro's funky ass all the way down to his ripe hairy pubes.  He threw his head back, loving the feeling the tightness of his baby bro's hole get stretched out by his monster cock, reveling in the smells of precum and ass permeating the tiny, hot room.

Now THIS is mantit torture, indeed. 

Preparing the youngest for the rites and rituals of male bonding.