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scandinavian masculine whore

COCK is God, and i am a masculine whore, who is gratefull for being chosen to be nothing but a hole for MEN to fuck. Men have sexualized me, made me into a submissive and depraved male-whore, who worship COCK! A primal sexual and masculine power has taken control over my life and is filling me with allconsuming COCK-hunger, desire and lust

For years i was under guidance of a pagan priest - he kind of hypnotized me to worship Pan - the masculine power of the universe. He sexualized me by making me follow some sexual rituals throughout the day. Eventually the sacred COCK of Pan became the center of my life - the image of God.

He made me into a whore - seeing MEN’s COCK as a representative of Pan’s COCK, so i started to worship COCK - and especially the COCK of the priest - i needed to submit to COCK, to be blessed and fillled with COCK - any COCK. And my asshole and thorat became gateways to heaven. 

it was a wonderful time - i was fulfilled spiritually and psysically in order to serve COCK unconditionally

THE ASS was written as a gift to me:

Lay down, slave hans, I need to sit astride

your face and let your tongue make love

To Master’s Ass. The musky scent above

your nose an aphrodisiac: The tide

Of hunger rushes in. you strain your neck

And tongue extend. your breath is warm. I’ll wait

No more. The fit so perfect, must be fate

Dealt from the Universal tarot deck.

I settle down, enfold your face and love

Is made ‘tween God and man. A holy Mask

Of Masterflesh and hair. And now you bask

In Master’s scent, My warmth fits like a glove

So eat My Ass, slave hans, and bury deep

your face. This bond our future’s safe to keep.